South East Hockey Contacts

Junior League and Competitions

ChairChris O'Hagan

Junior CompetitionsDave Parsons

Junior Tier 3 LeaguesAngela Baldwin

Junior Tier 4 LeaguesElla Collie

Junior IndoorRuth Bingham

In2Hockey CompetitionsSally Morris

Oaks MinisDavid Murray

Invicta MinisAnnie Hare

Martlets MinisNatasha Hookway

Adult League and Competitions Committee

ChairJulie Bradshaw

Mens South East League Representatives

Mens Premier DivisionLindsay Hancox

Mens Division 1 WestLindsay Hancox

Mens Division 1 EastLindsay Hancox

Oaks Div 1Mark Newman

Oaks Div 2Vivienne Rudd

Oaks Div 3Vivienne Rudd

Oaks Div 4Kay Parsons

Oaks Div 5Katherine Lichfield

Oaks Div 6Karen Stevenson

Martlets Div 1Vivienne Rudd

Martlets Div 2Kay Parsons

Martlets Div 3Mark Newman

Martlets Div 4Katherine Lichfield

Invicta Div 1Katherine Lichfield

Invicta Div 2Mark Newman

Invicta Div 3Kay Parsons

Invicta Div 4Katherine Lichfield

Invicta Div 5Vivienne Rudd

Invicta Div 6Karen Stevenson

Invicta Div 7Maggs Kyte

Invicta Div 8Karen Stevenson

Invicta Div 9Mark Newman


Women's South East League Representatives

Women's Premier DivisionNicola Wilkes

Women's Division 1 WestNicola Wilkes

Women's Division 1 EastNicola Wilkes

Oaks Div 1Katherine Lichfield

Oaks Div 2Karen Stevenson

Oaks Div 3Maggs Kyte

Oaks Div 4Mark Newman

Oaks Div 5Kay Parsons

Martlets Div 1Vivienne Rudd

Martlets Div 2Kay Parsons

Martlets Div 3Maggs Kyte

Martlets Div 4Karen Stevenson

Invicta Div 1Vivienne Rudd

Invicta Div 2Kay Parsons

Invicta Div 3Katherine Lichfield

Invicta Div 4Karen Stevenson

Invicta Div 5Maggs Kyte

Invicta Div 6Margaret Kyte

Officiating Committee

ChairPaul Shackman

Vice chairJackie Gibbs

Development LeadJohn Moss

Appointments LeadChris Butler

Club LeadVacant - please contact Simon Begg

Junior Umpire LeadChris Butler

TAP leadSimon Begg

EHO Members' RepPhilip Hook

Oaks AppointmentsSurinder Bodwal

Invicta AppointmentsStephen Rawlings

Martlets AppointmentsRobin Lush

Indoor LeadJulian Warburton

Umpires' Well-beingIan Hay


Area Discipline AdministratorMartin Lewis

Deputy Area Discipline AdministratorPhilip Hook

Assisstant Area Discipline AdministratorsStu McConachie, Debbie Garner

Masters Committee

ChairMatt Sharp

AdministratorKay Parsons

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

ContactFrancis Bridgeman

South East Board Directors

ChairmanMark Hollis

Vice ChairBen Holder

OperationsElouise Chowne

FinanceJohn Thompson

GovernanceRobert Harrison

Co-opted directorEmma York

Co-opted directorVACANT


AdministatorCharlotte Hope
 Social media & CommunicationsEmma York