Conduct & Safeguarding

Keeping Adults safe playing Hockey


South East Hockey is very keen to encourage and promote proper conduct across the game and create an inclusive & safe environment for all involved in our sport. 

Expected minimum standards of behaviour and conduct

All individuals involved in hockey will, always:

  • Respect the spirit of fair play in hockey. This is more than playing within the rules. It also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always participating with the right spirit.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Promote the reputation of the sport and take all possible steps to prevent it from being brought into disrepute.
  • Protect themselves and others involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Never use inappropriate language or gestures.
  • Demonstrate respect for all officiators of hockey and abide by their decisions without contestation
  • Abide by the England Hockey Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy and Procedures and Good Practice Guidelines. These have been adopted by South East Hockey.
  • Abide by the England Hockey Equality Policy. This has been adopted by South East Hockey.
  • Abide by the England Hockey Anti-Doping Rules. These have been adopted by South East Hockey.
  • Take personal responsibility to ensure that they are suitably insured for their activities.

Code of Ethics and Behaviour

The England Hockey (EH) Code of Ethics and Behaviour exists to protect everyone within the game and outlines the behaviour expected from all people within the Hockey Family in England.

As the National Governing Body, EH is responsible for setting the standards and values that apply at every level. South East Hockey, as one of the 8 Areas, has adopted this Code that encapsulates all of the sporting, moral and ethical principles that hockey represents.

We think of hockey as a sport for all. A family sport packed with passion, speed and respect. One that anyone can enjoy however they choose to participate – as a player, umpire, official, volunteer or a parent supporting on the side-lines. However you choose to be involved in the game, you have a right to do it with enjoyment.

Does the Code apply to me?

Yes! If you are involved at any level in the game, then the Code applies to you.

Although we are responsible for setting the standards, everyone involved in hockey has a responsibility to promote the sport, making sure that there is equal access and opportunity for all, and that fairness and respect is upheld.

This Code allows South East Hockey to uphold the values that we all believe in as a sport and gives us a mechanism to deal with any breaches with a consistent approach.

What is the purpose of the Code?

By sharing this code across the sport, we believe that we can uphold the highest standards of integrity and ensure that the reputation of the sport is – and remains – at a high level.

For further information about our governance, safeguarding and welfare policies please visit the England Hockey website pages.