Masters in the South East Area

Information on Masters Hockey in the South East Area


Welcome to South East Area Masters hockey.

Representative Master’s hockey. There are 16 representative teams to field each year.  Age Groups are every 5 years, Men’s O35 to O75 and Women’s O35 to O70, so for 2024 we are looking for players born in 1989 or before.

What to know about playing Area Masters, it’s fun and competitive.  Each age group tournament could be held anywhere in England from Bedford to Bristol, Southgate to Wakefield and venues can change from year to year.  It is played over a weekend, usually in May or June.  Pre-tournament assessment and training will be held somewhere in the South East area.  It is not just players we are looking for; we also need managers, selectors, and coaches to step forward. There is nothing stopping you managing at one age group and helping select at another. Should you wish to volunteer please contact Kay Parsons.

Masters’ hockey is self-financing, this currently means all training, tournament costs, accommodation, transport, and kit is paid for by players.

We hope as an area to field even more SOUTH EAST only sides in 2024.  If you are interested in registering as a player or want to know the Eligibility Criteria please go to Representative Teams | South East Hockey (

South East Master’s Cup/League Hockey – we are looking for someone to take this forward, whether at area or sub-area level.  This is an exciting project as currently there is a blank canvas to work on.  If you are interested, please contact Kay Parsons.