South East Hockey Leagues

Information on the Adult Leagues & Competitions in the South East


Information on South East Hockey Leagues

South East Hockey is responsible for all local adult competitions & hockey activity in the Area introducing new leagues and standardised regulations in 2021-22.

Adult Leagues consist of both men's and women’s sections.  There are 41 Adult Leagues – 22 men’s and 19 women’s leagues.  The top tier is the Premier Division – where teams gain promotion to the EHL East or West Conference. The lower divisions are divided into Invicta, Martlets and Oaks.

Please note the Grade of the divisions your teams are playing in, as this will impact how the league regulations affect each team. EHL divisions are Grade 1 and Area divisions are Grades 2 to 5.  

The day-to-day administration of the adult leagues is the responsibility of the Area League Management Committee.  This consists of the Chair, Divisional Representatives and a representative of the Officiating Committee.  Contact details can be found on the Adult Hockey Contacts page.  If you are interested in helping with the administration of the leagues, please contact the Chair of Adult Competitions.

Adult League Divisions for the 2024-25 season can be found in the documents to the right.